Here are the shows that are available for booking now as well as previous collaborations and information about my directing work for storytelling. I perform solo, as a duo and as part of an ensemble and am very interested in working with other art forms. Click on the images for more information. Scroll to the bottom of the page for information about how I can help you devise, create and perform your own shows, whether as a solo storyteller or as an ensemble.

current shows

brand new show!

The latest adaptation of a Welsh mythological classic from the team that brought you Hunting the Giant's Daughter.

still touring!    

An award winning production that has been on the road since 2011.                                                                                        

war & magic

One of the greatest Welsh myths, this ancient story has an intimate relationship with both the literal landscape where it is set and the landscape of the human soul.                                                                                                       

blood and passion


A vivid adaptation of Shakespeare's long poem The Rape of Lucrece that brings Shakespeare's text and storytelling together with live music.


wonder and laughter

An interlocking set of Breton wonder tales all brought together by an indomitable chicken.                                                                                                                                              

the wild side

 A twisted tale of cross-dressing, attempted seduction and a huge hairy man in a story that defies categories and leaps, hairy and smelly, out of the collective imagination, demanding to be heard.

previous shows

franco-welsh storylab

Like twin brothers, the stories of Perceval and Peredur, were told in France and Wales and in this production they met again - fused by free jazz!                                        

Boots! Socks!

That's how the Welsh gypsies start their stories and this is one of the longest and most intricate as told by John Roberts Jnr. (that's him with his harp on the left). Commissioned by Clwyd Theatr Cymru.                


directing and dramaturgy

stories on stage

Click on the image if you want to develop a solo or ensemble piece for professional productions or want to mix storytelling with other art forms.

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