jac and the golden apples

Michael Harvey storyteller - Jac and the golden Apples

jac and the golden apples

On a quest to get magic apples to cure their sick father three princes part at a crossroads. We follow the youngest and encounter talking animals, a strong and beautiful princess and even get to dance with the gypsies in the wood. His adventures are many but the real danger lies closer to hand than he thought...Spellbinding storytelling,  enchanting music, a happy ending and  a head full of magic moments to take home with you and pass on.

This show is closely based on a story told well over a hundred years ago by John Roberts, the great Welsh Romani storyteller and harpist from Newtown. It was commissioned by Theatr Clwyd, performed with Gwenllian Rhys and directed by Paula Crutchlow with additional direction from Tim Baker. It was performed in both Welsh and English for Key Stage 1 pupils and their teachers.

The show was performed in a specially designed tent, lit from the outside and approached through a fabric-lined tunnel for a truly immersive experience.

...a truly fantastic performance which captivated both the children and the teachers from start to finish...mwynhaodd y disgyblion y perfformiad yn fawr...Theatre Clwyd performance at its best...Profiad theatraidd hyfryd - mwy plis...Beautifully designed...pitched at the right level...ardderchog...an invaluable experience which staff and children have loved...Braf iawn yw cael cyfle i ddod i gynhyrchiad Cymraeg o safon...Brilliant!!...will be back next time...Y disgyblion wedi mwynhau’r sioe yn arw...
— post performance teacher feedback