balance of things

Michael Harvey storyteller - the balance of things chicken

the balance of things

or, how to settle a debt with a chicken

Venture into the vibrant and liminal world of Breton fairytales, and a landscape filled with encounters with beauties, beasts, strange companions, bizarre marriages, and ruthless atonement. In a charm-your-socks-off performance, Michael Harvey draws on the collections of François-Marie Luzel, to recast and retell these grown-up tales of wonder with a disarmingly light touch. These stories come from a place where everyday life and the fantastic collide – somewhere simultaneously earthy, ethereal and real... with a decidedly comedic twist.

It takes a good storyteller to make all of that worth listening to - and Michael Harvey played a blinder, with an absolutely hilarious performance. He played up the more ridiculous parts of the stories, got us all participating with the bits that repeated, and my goodness, he does a good chicken! and a good sheep, BTW.
— Caroline Lynch

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