Michael Harvey storytelling workshops (photo credit Kirsten Mc Ternan)


This is a broad outline of the training I run for storytellers and teachers. There are links to further details, enrollment and payment for courses that are booking up now. Places can book up quickly on open courses so to be sure of getting a place subscribe to my mailing list and you will be the first to hear. For courses now booking click here.

One of the most radical and relevant pieces of training I’ve ever been on as a storyteller.
— Tim Ralphs, storyteller

your secret



Many usable, precise and effective storytelling techniques lie hidden in plain sight in our social storytelling. In this workshop you will find out what they are and how to use them in order to be more authentic, spontaneous and present in your storytelling.



There have been storytelling workshops at the Bleddfa Centre in Mid Wales for twenty-five years. We now offer the classic Bleddfa Week of Storytelling as well as a specialised intensive course for those wanting to develop their performance skills and develop more ambitious programmes of storyelling.

storytelling &


Storytelling uses rhythm in the way that it is performed as well as its structure but most of us are only dimly aware of how we can directly use this aspect of storytelling in our work. Once you dive into the world of rhythm whole new vistas open up. Taught with the singer, composer and vocal coach Pauline Down.

storytelling and the body

We all bring our bodies on stage when we tell stories and in this workshop you will learn how to harness the body's own intelligence and spontaneity to give depth, resonance and humour to your telling.

freeing the storyteller's voice

This course is taught with singer, composer and vocal coach, Pauline Down. In this workshop we will befriend our voice and begin to enjoy its power and resonance as well as its unique ability to touch listeners in direct and profound ways.

staging the story

Telling stories in more formal spaces and telling with other storytellers can lead us into the world of cues and blocking which sucks the fun and juice out of our storytelling and gets between us and the audience. In this workshop you will develop ways to work in more 'theatrical' spaces without losing the immediacy of storytelling.

telling myth

We will use a number of techniques and processes to get inside the mythic world and start to perform it convincingly. This workshop is based on the extensive preparation process that went into the two Welsh mythological shows Hunting the Giant's Daughter and Dreaming the Night Field with Adverse Camber.


and Shakespeare

Based on our experimentation in preparation for the Shakespeare and storytelling show Angerona, we will explore Shakespeare's own text, his animate view of the world and his many source stories. This course is taught with storyteller and Shakespearean actor Paola Balbi.

creativity in the classroom

With Lead Creative Schools Schemes taking place across Wales and preparations for the implementation of the new curriculum, the emphasis on creative teaching and learning is increasing. These workshops focus on teachers' innate creativity and help boost their own confidence as creative facilitators.

telling wondertales

Whether derived from the collections of Grimm, Calvino, J.F. Campbell or any of the others who gathered these amazing stories for posterity the wonder tale has become a staple of the storytelling revival. Bring a wonder tale and we will help you find the resonance, power, joy and wonder in it and bring it out in the telling.


Putting the story on stage. Knowing the pitfalls and releasing the potential for solo and ensemble storytelling on stage

stepping up and moving on

A workshop for experienced and professional storytellers to help you take your work to the next level. Ideal for those wanting to hone their skills or working on new or challenging material.

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Michael was brilliant, fun, motivating and got the best out of everyone...Great workshop! Inspiring, warm, fun. Michael’s enthusiasm was wonderful and a great cohesive group. Going away feeling confident and happy...A wonderful weekend. I have learnt so much about structure and creativity in storytelling. Lots to think about. I found many new and exciting ideas...Really enjoyed it and learned a great deal.
 A great workshop...Michael led the group excellently and helped me immensely...An excellent, useful, practical and fun workshop! Very well taught. Great People. Feel invigorated.
— workshop participant feedback