Michael Harvey storyteller - leadership


creative leadership and presentation

Practical creativity and storytelling are at the heart of the organisational training I offer.

I bring the skill set and attitudes of effective practical creativity and apply them to the real world opportunities and challenges of the workplace and can deliver bespoke sessions as well as work as a part of a wider team. I also work with individuals and groups on presentation skills.

I am an associate at Narrative Leadership Associates and have worked with many organisations in the education, health, public and private sectors.

I have worked with Oxford University Saïd Business School, Exeter Leadership Consulting, Biomet Merch, Arts & Business, Christie Tyler, local authorities and many other organisations. Email me if you would like to find out more.

A really enjoyable day… I saw skills (in my colleagues) that I had never seen before…the team building went very well...I was surprised to see what other people can do when they need to…It highlighted for me that we could do things which are out of the ordinary…I learned more about colleagues than I had ever done before…We all bonded with one another and can speak face to face with one another…This team has been together for 2/3 years (some a lot longer) and this must have been the first day we actually got together and COMMUNICATED…The more we talk about the training day, and what we have done, the more we realise we’ve learnt…We have been involved in an important project recently, the deadline for which was last week. I really believe that the training day helped us meet that deadline…The lesson is one of empowerment . If the team is empowered to take decisions, it does work. That is what we had on the day.
— training participants' feedback