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I worked as a theatre director many years before coming to storytelling and picked up the Rose Bruford Trust Directing Award along the way. In the storytelling field I directed Dominic Kelly's epic retelling of the Ulster Cycle, The Hero Light as well as working with established and emerging storytellers including Jo Blake Cave, Phil Okwedy and as a rehearsal director with the creative team of Fire in the North Sky. In the past I have worked with both theatre in education companies (Arad Goch, Theatr West Glamorgan, Frân Wen) as well as physical theatre groups like Gambolling Guizers and companies doing specialised work like Geese Theatre. Now I am offering those skills, and those gained from the last twenty-plus years of storytelling to those deepening their practice in storytelling performance.

I can work with you from conception to performance or come in early to help you find the points of contact between your performance and the material. I can help you work on a creative, joyful and deep dynamic with your creative team or even come in once a piece is nearly ready to help tweak and focus your show..

A real alchemical process, and a journey into perpetually new and exciting territory...the richness of the work will see me continuing to unpack, reflect on and apply it to this performance and to others for a very long time ahead.
— Dominic Kelly, performance storyteller

Read the whole of Dominic's response to working with me here.

Thank-you again for coming to work with us and to let you know that our first show went amazingly well. We can see how far it still has to go but the audience LOVED it and were so engaged.

I feel our day with you had a real impact on how we work together and the overall collaborative, creative process we are beginning to develop. The next days work together was so much richer. We know what work needs doing now which is really useful.
— Kama Roberts - Emergency Turtle

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