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Reverb - stories of boys and men. mp3 download

Reverb - stories of boys and men. mp3 download


Michael Harvey – storyteller
Fred Harvey-Love - bass

Reverb was commissioned by the Festival at the Edge Storytelling Festival (Shropshire UK) in 2010 and the result is a magical mix of story and rhythm which has a dream like quality that transports the listener through evocative landscapes and imagined worlds. This journey into manhood is performed by a father-son storyteller-musician duo which sees our hero encounter hags, mystical gifts and things which are definitely not what they seem. Long after the last word has been spoken and the last bass guitar chord fades this tale of discovery will reverberate in the imagination.

This studio recording was engineered by Rob Whitehead in Cardiff.

Michael is one of Britain's finest contemporary storytellers who has entranced audiences all over the world with his masterful skill and deeply thoughtful interpretation of folktales from near and far.

Fred now works as a stage manager and is all grown-up with his own children but was only 18 when this was recorded.

'Exciting, thoughtful, humorous, riveting'
'Fabulous reworking of traditional tales'
'A real tour-de-force...mesmerising delivery'
(audience feedback from Festival at the Edge preview)

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