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Storytelling and Power


What a great time we had in Leeds! Six bite-sizes provocations on storytelling, the incomparable Myth-Off featuring a Liberace inspired gilded duck and some great shows and discussions. It took place over the weekend of the 8-10 of March in the Carriageworks theatre in Leeds and was organised by Adverse Camber. You can find out more about it here. I sincerely hope there will be more.

My humble contribution (apart form a recorded conversation with Clare Murphy which I will post when availabe) was a fifteen minute talk on Performance Storytelling and Power. I am a bit emabarassed by how I sped through it and the amount of times I said ‘Uuhmmm’ but here it is of you are interested. If you would like any of it to be unpacked a bit more coherently or have any comments or suggestions do leave a comment or email me. Happy listening!