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Mabinogi Monday #4 with Naomi Wilds


I feel incredibly lucky and priveledged to have worked with producer Naomi Wilds on two Mabinogi inspired shows Hunting the Giant’s Daughter, and Dreaming the Night Field which tour with the production company Adverse Camber, a groundbreaking company that specialises in taking high quality storytelling performances, often with music as a central component, on tour nationwide and internationally. She is also the Artisitc Director of Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival. I was really looking forward to this conversation and it did not disappoint, as you will hear…


This discussion ranged widely over the performance of material in the Mabinogion including…

  • How the translation and invention of contemporary tellings amplify and compliment the manuscript versions

  • The richness of experience that audiences have of listening to different tellings of stories they already know

  • The bodily presence of certain story characters in the telling

  • Naming, summoning and magic

  • The interweaving of recognisable character and landscape worlds with the Otherworld

  • The cinematic skills of the storyteller

Sometimes I leave the microphone open and we get a few minutes off the record. This time the tables were turned and Naomi started asking me questions!

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