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Storytelling Courses in Rome 2019

This is a translation of the facebook post with the link that brought you here. It is my version and does not come direct from the organisers but I am pretty confident it is right. Please write to the email at the end of the information to get more details, not me. And if you decide to go for it - Good Luck!!

The National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio d'Amico in collaboration with FEST-Federation for European Storytelling and the storytelling company and international festival Raccontamiunastoria, is offering free storytelling workshops to graduates of Drama Schools.

The workshops are led by Paola Balbi with the participation of international teachers Michael Harvey (Wales), Abbi Patrix (France), Heidi Dalshveen (Norway), Davide Bardi (Italy). The first workshop will take place between 7 and 9 January 2019. The later stages in April (15,16,17) and June (2,3,5 June).

Workshops will be held in two languages: Italian and English.

The project is part of the training scheme for new professionals in the field promoted by FEST with the four-year contribution Creative Europe-European Networks. The most deserving participants will also be able to access the EU International Mobility Program that involves the participation of young storytelling students at the great international festivals with all the expenses incurred by FEST, with a view to becoming an internship at international level. At the end of the course (and only if completed) a certificate of participation recognized by the FEST will be issued and attesting the level and hours of training received from the candidates.

1) Participation Requirements Students of the three-year courses and the Master in Dramaturgy and Scenography graduates in the past six years may apply, as well as the students regularly enrolled in Masters courses in Dramaturgy and Screenplay, for the academic year 2018/2019.

2) Selection Mode To access the workshop, you must pass a selective test that consists in orally presenting a story rom your area of origin. Your presentation must not be read or memorised.

There is no need to have previous Storytelling experiences, but applicants should familiarize themselves with the plot of the tale and know how to tell it in their own words, to know its origin and to be ready to improvise on it. Any material coming from oral tradition is acceptabel inlcuding myths, legends, popular tales, fairy tales.

Theoretical basic knowledge of the Performative Storytelling Art and the Storytelling Revival Movement will be evaluated positively, as a demonstration of solid motivation.

Candidates will have to support a conversation in English to assess the level of knowledge of the language. Knowledge of English is not an indispensable criterion, but good knowledge and fluency in it will be a preferential selection criterion, because the storyteller's career has its greatest potential for development on the international scene

The selections will be held at the academy's premises between 17 and 19 December 2018.

3) How to apply Interested candidates should send an email to enclosing your curriculum and a letter of motivation no later than 12.00 am on 12 December 2018.

4) Selection Committee A commission composed of the Director, a professor of the Academy appointed by the Academic Council and Paola Balbi, will select the most deserving candidates.

5) Results The results of the selection will be published on the institutional website the day after the date of the selections.

Daniela Bortignoni Director

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