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The Bleddfa Intensive Performance Weekend
15-18 August, Bleddfa Centre, Powys, mid-Wales.
A long weekend for those wanting to take the next step in their storytelling practice. Ideal if you want to find the tellability and immediacy in that project you're incubating and say good-bye to the inertia that is holding you up. Held at the Bleddfa Centre, Powys, mid Wales with idyllic surroundings, top tutors, great food and good company.

As a storyteller who has done both courses and turned pro told us...
"Be selfish. Raid the housekeeping and pay to go to Bleddfa. The return on your investment will be enormous…The best, the warmest, the most fun and beneficial course I have ever been on."

The Next Step
20/21 July, Little Holland House, nr. Sutton
If you are within striking distance of London and you want to take the next creative leap in your storytelling journey this one is for you. Lots of practical and workable tools to help you embed and extend your telling and find what is authentic and compelling about your style.

As ever, if you have any queries or would like more information just drop me a line.

Michael was brilliant, fun, motivating and got the best out of everyone...Great workshop! Inspiring, warm, fun. Michael’s enthusiasm was wonderful and a great cohesive group. Going away feeling confident and happy...A wonderful weekend. I have learnt so much about structure and creativity in storytelling. Lots to think about. I found many new and exciting ideas...Really enjoyed it and learned a great deal.
 A great workshop...Michael led the group excellently and helped me immensely...An excellent, useful, practical and fun workshop! Very well taught. Great People. Feel invigorated.
— workshop participants' feedback